VCI Films

VCI Film is infused with VCI properties, thus releasing VCI molecules that stick to the surfaces of equipment under the film, protecting it from corrosion or rusting. VCI Film acts as a physical barrier between the products and the external environment, shielding them from potentially damaging factors. With its additional VCI capabilities, users can rest assured their products will be corrosion-free!

  • VCI Film Premium Metal-Guard®
    The VCI Film Premium Metal-Guard® is a safe and effective corrosion inhibitor packaging film, desig
  • VCI Stretch Film
    VCI Stretch Film is an easy-to-use, strong and durable, the polyethene-like film incorporated with V
  • VCI Shrink Film
    Heavy-duty shrink wrap is used as an easy and economical method for packaging large and irregularly
  • VCI Poly Wrap
    The VCI Poly Wrap is a woven coated fabric incorporated with VCI properties. Ideal for wrapping stee
  • VCI Masking Film
    The VCI Masking Film is an adhesive, pressure-sensitive, corrosion inhibitor film that functions as
  • VCI Film Silver-Guard™
    The VCI Film Silver-Guard™ is a heat-sealable, non-dusting and reusable polyethylene film designed
  • VCI Film Metal-Guard
    The VCI Film Metal-Guard® is a flexible & heavy-duty, heat sealable VCI foil barrier material.