Anti-Slip Load Mats

Cargo loads or products stored and shipped can shift unexpectedly, leading to potential damage and injuries. Anti-slip load mats prevent cargo movement during transportation.

Secure Cargo Transportation

These cargo grip pads are used in trucks, trailers, and other vehicles, effectively anchoring goods in place throughout transit. This increases the friction coefficient (up to 0.8µ) between the cargo and the storage or transportation surface.

The load restraint mats ensure stable cargo positioning on various surfaces, whether wood, steel, or concrete. Even situations with limited lashing points are accommodated, reducing the necessity for extra lashings while staying compliant with pertinent regulations.

Prevent Cargo Shifting and Enhance Safety

The anti-slip sheets contribute to a more secure and dependable cargo transportation process by significantly decreasing load-displacement risk during transit. We supply anti-slip load mats manufactured from recycled materials like polyurethane binder and granulated rubber.

  • Prevents cargo or products from shifting during storage and transportation
  • Ensures goods remain in place in trucks, trailers, and vehicles, increasing friction for stable transport
  • Works effectively on various surfaces, including wood, steel, and concrete
  • Reduces the need for extra lashings while adhering to relevant regulations
  • Mitigates the risk of load shifting, leading to safer transportation
  • Crafted from recycled materials like polyurethane binder and granulated rubber
  • Supports environmentally-friendly practices in cargo management

Anti Slip Load Mats Product Brochure: Download