Edgeboard Protector

Edge protectors help safeguard products during handling, shipping, and storage. They shield corners, especially when items are strapped, providing added protection.

Optimise Shipping Safety

These protectors protect the edges and corners of goods during storage and transportation, preventing damage in the shipping, warehousing, and logistics industries. Corner guards absorb shocks, preventing dents and scratches caused by rough handling or accidental collisions.

Additionally, edge protectors evenly distribute pressure when stacking goods, maintaining packaging’s structural integrity and preventing deformation or collapse. The corner protectors also enhance worker safety by reducing the risk of injuries from sharp edges while handling goods.

Enhanced Protection for Strapped Items

Edge guards create uniform edges for irregularly shaped products, improving stackability and efficient storage. We offer different types of edge boards of different lengths and materials. The choice of edgeboard type depends on factors such as the weight and fragility of the goods, environmental conditions, and specific industry requirements.

  • Safeguards corners during handling, shipping, and storage
  • Suitable for various industries and goods
  • Easily affixed along package edges
  • Shields edges and corners from impact and scratches
  • Absorbs shocks, preventing dents and damage
  • Evenly spreads pressure when stacking items
  • Reduces risks of injuries from sharp edges
  • Creates uniform edges for efficient storage
  • Prevents packaging deformation or collapse
  • Improves organisation and storage efficiency
A mm B mm C mm D mm
50-60000 35 35 BIO 2-6

HS 1-6

40 40
45 45 BIO 2-8

HS 1-8

50 50
60 60
80 80
100 100

Sizes Available:

B x C (mm) A (mm) D width (mm)
35 x 35 1000 3
50 x 50 1000 4
60 x 60 1000 4
60 x 60 1000 6
B x C (mm)  A (mm)  D width (mm)
 35 x 35  1000  3
 50 x 50  1000  4
 60 x 60  1000  4
 60 x 60  1000  6

Edge Protector Product Brochure: Download