Retention and Suspension Packaging

Products come in diverse shapes and sizes, demanding tailored packaging solutions. Larger items often pose challenges due to shape, causing gaps during packing. These gaps lead to shifting, damage, and extra costs during shipping, affecting both the product and its surroundings.

Minimizing Impact Damage

Retention packaging is a robust plastic film that securely wraps products, regardless of size or shape. The film is adaptable and durable, conforming to any product’s shape and capable of multiple reuses.

Its elasticity and strength ensure it remains intact after shipping, allowing suppliers to use it for various items, promoting eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. The suspension film enhances packing in standard containers and inventory management.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

Uniform packaging improves inventory organisation, aids stock-keeping, optimises warehouse space, and enhances purchase packaging efficiency. The retention and suspension packaging solution requires minimal equipment and training, streamlining processes and reducing costs. We offer customisation sizes and colours for various industrial needs and applications.

  • Adapts to any product’s shape for secure wrapping
  • Maintains integrity during shipping, preventing breakage
  • Can be used multiple times, promoting sustainability
  • Fits standard-sized containers, simplifying packing
  • Uniform packaging aids stock-keeping and organisation
  • Enhances spatial utilisation for storage
  • Boosts efficiency in product presentation
  • Contributes to environmental consciousness and cost-effectiveness
  • Suitable for various products, from electronics to delicate items

Retention Packaging Product Brochure: Download