Container Awning Safety Sheet

Container awning safety sheets secure cargo within containers, preventing shifting and damage upon opening. During transit, rough handling can cause goods to tilt against the door, posing risks during unloading.

This solution mitigates hazards such as accidents or injuries from falling goods, particularly for lighter goods and cartons. Unlike regular nets, the sheet’s seamless design with strapping belts and integrated hooks ensures easy installation. Its application spans various industries, reducing damage and injuries during shipping and enhancing efficiency.

  • Prevents cargo from slipping, tilting, and falling when container doors are opened, avoiding damage and injuries
  • Seamless design with integrated hooks and strapping belts for quick and hassle-free setup
  • Firmly hold carons in place
  • Suitable for various industries, reducing shipping-related damage and injuries, enhancing operational efficiency

Container Awning Safety Sheets Product Brochure: Download

  1. Hook the four vertical straps into the existing container attachment points
  2. Put the straps into position to the container door.
  3. Fully load the container.
  4. Fix and pre-tension the cover by inserting the four straps into the sewed-on clamp locks
  5. Connect the straps diagonally, each with a closure, and clamp using a clamping device
  6. Goods are secured against tilting, slipping, and failing.