VCI Stretch Film

VCI stretch film, a polyethylene-like film infused with VCI compounds, is designed to protect metal components from corrosion. Its transparency allows for inspections without exposing the contents, making it suitable for various metal components.

Versatile Metal Protection

This anti-rust film incorporates a solid, flexible, volatile corrosion inhibitor material, adhering well to surfaces, making it suitable for uneven and irregularly shaped metal components, including large, elongated surfaces.

To use, ensure the metal surfaces are clean and dry before wrapping. Apply VCI stretch film using appropriate wrapping equipment, ensuring a tight and secure fit. Overlap the film layers to create a sealed enclosure. Store the wrapped metal products in a dry environment for optimal corrosion protection.

Anti-rust and Corrosion Film

Universally applicable for metal protection during transit or storage, we offer stretch wraps in standard 1-mil rolls with 18 and 20-inch widths and lengths of 1,500 and 4,500 feet. Our VCI stretch film offers effective corrosion protection with a unique combination of VCI compounds, simplifying inspections without opening the packaging.

  • Effective safeguarding of metal parts
  • Simple and reliable film application
  • Allows inspections without opening packaging
  • Ideal for various metal components
  • Firmly clings to uneven surfaces
  • Incorporates powerful corrosion inhibitors
  • Long-lasting and robust polyethylene-like film
  • Available in multiple width and length choices
  • Suitable for storage and transit protection
  • Available in standard one mil rolls of 18″ and 20″ width, 1,500ft and 4,500ft length
  • Metal manufacturing and processing
  • Parts and component packaging
  • Equipment and machinery packaging
  • Export and overseas shipments
  • Military and defence applications
  • Electrical and electronic components
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Automotive industry