Pallet Wrapper

Our pallet wrappers, also known as stretch wrapping machines, are engineered for secure and efficient palletizing. Designed for industrial applications, this machine offers precise wrapping and tensioning, ensuring stability during transit.

Streamline Packaging Processes

These machines ensure consistent and professional wrapping compared to manual methods, enhancing efficiency and reducing film costs. The pallet wrapper features an automatic height sensor to detect pallet height and adjust wrapping accordingly. It also allows customisable wrapping configurations. For lighter loads, a soft start cycle function prevents toppling.

The load-wrapping machines stabilise palletised loads in warehouses, distribution centres, and manufacturing facilities, streamlining packaging and shipping. The pallet wrapper automates wrapping by applying the stretch film around a palletised load to ensure stability. The process involves manually placing the load on the turntable or using a forklift/conveyor.

A film carriage dispenses stretch film around the load while the turntable rotates. Stretching occurs during application, securely binding the load. Post-wrapping, the film is cut and firmly attached through heat sealing, adhesive tape, or tucking under prior layers. The palletized load is ready for shipping or storage.

Maximising Load Stability

Use a pallet packaging system to simplify and enhance wrapping. The machine can accommodate various pallet sizes and weights for uniform wrapping.

This automation reduces film costs while ensuring secure product delivery. With adjustable settings and user-friendly controls, it streamlines packaging operations. Our stretch wrapping machine is ideal for various load sizes, optimizes workflow, and guarantees secure pallet loads.

  • Wraps pallet loads for safe and secure delivery
  • Provides professional wrapping compared to manual methods
  • Offers wrapping options for various load sizes
  • Adapts wrapping to pallet height, ensuring accuracy
  • Ensures safety for lighter loads
  • Improves processes in warehouses and distribution centres
  • Secures the load during rotation
  • Ensures film is tightly sealed
  • Reduces film expenses
  • Accommodates various pallet sizes and weights
  • Power Voltage: 3P AC380V, 50/60Hz 1.0kW
  • Speed of Turnplate: 0 – 12r/min
  • Diameter of Turntable: ¢ 1500mm
  • Mast Height: H2400mm
  • Film: LLDPE film, width ≤ 500mm, out diameter ≤ 280mm
  • Pallet Size: Capacity – 1500kg, max height = mast height – 400mm
  • Package Size: 2650 x 1650 x 800mm
  • G.W/N.W.: 650kg/700kg
  • Optional: 1) Ramps, 2) Panel

Mechanical stretch and automatic pallet stretch wrapper

Soft start and stop function, turntable automatic home position, easy operation, Optoelectronic switch that automatically measures the height of goods, anti-tension, adjustable speed of lifting motor

Pre-stretch film wrapper with weight

Soft start/stop, automatic home position, PLC control, reliable performance, easy operation, optoelectronic switch with automatic pallet height adjusting function, weighing function

Mobile pallet wrapper

Battery charger and battery indicator, Top and bottom layers are adjustable, Sensor that detects pallet height, soft start emergency stop, adjustable speed

Horizontal stretch wrapping machine

Soft start and stop function, PLC control, reliable performance, easy operation

Forklift pallet wrapping machine

Battery charger and battery indicator, able to function for 8 hours after charging

Strech Wraping Machine: Download