Container Lashing

Container Lashing is a robust industrial solution designed to secure cargo within containers during transit. Utilising high-strength strapping materials and reliable fastening components, container lashing ensures load stability and safety.

Secure Bundling and Palletisation

Crafted from high-tensile polyester yarns, our woven strapping and lashing belts exhibit exceptional material characteristics. These belts ensure reliability with low elongation (below 10%), impressive tear resistance, and minimal moisture absorption.

Our woven strapping belts maintain their integrity without splicing, offering the sought-after attributes of flexibility and universal applicability. Lashing involves using ropes or belts to secure items together. These belts possess high breaking loads, both linear and within the system. They are re-pensionable, countering volume loss in packaged goods.

Efficient Lashing for Secure Cargo

The high tensile strength one-way cargo securing strapping provides an efficient alternative to traditional tension belts and wooden crates. It’s economical and easy to handle. Lashing gains traction as a contemporary load-securing method on flat racks and within containers.

Our woven strapping belts come in various widths (13 mm to 25 mm) with traction forces spanning 470 to 2400 daN within the system. Lashing belts are available in white and orange, packaged in cartons, dispenser bags, or bulk coils. Achieve efficient lashing together with metal buckles and tensioners.

  • Lash items into a single unit or onto pallets for safe transport
  • Strapping stops product shifting, reducing workplace risks
  • Woven belts offer low elongation, tear resistance, and moisture resistance
  • Secure multiple items tightly, re-tension as needed
  • Reliable cargo securing with economical one-way strapping
  • Woven belts from 13mm to 25mm width, tailored to your needs
  • Choose white or orange lashing belts for easy visibility
  • Metal buckles and tensioners ensure swift and effective belt securing

Lashing Belt Product Brochure: Download