Ice Gel Packs

Ice gel packs maintain low temperatures while transporting perishable goods. The refrigerant gel packs are made from flexible plastic and contain a freezing gel substance, effectively sustaining cold temperatures.

Cold Chain Solution

The gel within the packs, made with Japanese polymers, freezes at lower temperatures than water, remaining semi-solid as it melts.  This ensures a consistent cold environment, which is crucial for shipping perishables like vaccines and fresh food.

The cold pack also  uses a puncture-resistant nylon laminate film for its 0°C (32°F) gel formulation, maintaining temperature-sensitive products better than ice. Our Ice packs are leak-proof and compliant with EU Directive 2011/65/EU.

Safeguard Temperature-Sensitive Cargo

We manufacture gel ice packs that adhere to stringent quality standards, meeting ISO 9001 and 140001 certifications. Our packs range from 20gm to 1kg and can be customised in size and printing to suit various needs and branding.

Combine ice packs with a thermal insulating box for effective cold-chain transportation. Monitor shipments with temperature data loggers or labels. Suitable for various industries, including food, medical, and pharmaceuticals.

  • Maintains low temperatures for perishable goods
  • Made from flexible plastic for adaptable use
  • Gel substance retains coldness over time
  • Gel freezes at lower temperatures for optimal cooling
  • Conforms to FDA regulations
  • Durable refrigerant polymer for extended use
  • Puncture-resistant nylon laminate film prevents leakage
  • Adheres to ISO 9001 and 140001 standards
  • Suitable for food, medical, and pharmaceutical industries
  • Available in sizes from 20gm to 1kg
  • Prevents spoilage and maintains product quality
  • Reusable, reducing waste
  • Bag’s Material Composition: NY15/ DRY/ LLDPE60
  • Shelf Life: Not applicable. Ice gel pack remains functional as long as the outer wrapper is not punctured.
  • Reusability: Ice gel pack can be used multiple times as long as the outer wrapper remains intact.
  • Storage Condition: Store in normal warehouse condition. Away from direct sunlight. (Temp: < 40 °C, RH: < 90%)
  • Usage:
    • Freeze for min. 8 hours at –10 °C to –35 °C until the product is frozen.
    • The lower the temperature it is frozen at, the longer it stays frozen.
    • The more Ice bags used in the application, the longer it will stay frozen.
  • Printing on Bag (English/ Chinese/ Japanese)
    • Ice Peak. Do Not Eat.
    • Leakproof
    • Keep away from sunlight
    • Reusable
    • Non-Toxic
Part number Weight Bag Size Packaging Sealing
TIP02 20 gm 90 mm (L) x 75 mm (W) 300 per carton 3-side
TIP04 40 gm 115 mm (L) x 75 mm (W) 200 per carton Center
TIP22C 200 gm 163 mm (L) x 175 mm (W) 25 per carton Center
TIP24 240 gm 163 mm (L) x 175 mm (W) 25 per carton Center
TIP34C 340 gm 163 mm (L) x 175 mm (W) 20 per carton Center
TIP50C 500 gm 163 mm (L) x 175 mm (W) 20 per carton Center
TIP80C 800 gm 270 mm (L) x 175 mm (W) 12 per carton Center
TIPA1C 1000 gm 270 mm (L) x 175 mm (W) 10 per carton Center

Ice Peak Ice Gel Pack Product Brochure: Download