Condensation Terminator Sheet

The Condensation Terminator Sheet (CT Sheet) safeguards cargo during transportation by countering damaging moisture and condensation in cargo containers.

Maintaining Cargo Quality

The sheet provides a practical solution to prevent condensation, which occurs when container air’s water vapours convert into liquid, condensing on the roof and walls as water droplets. The accumulated droplets eventually drip onto products, causing deterioration, mould, corrosion, and other harm.

The CT Sheet, functioning as a moisture barrier, permits water vapour passage while preventing droplets, capturing condensation from ceilings and walls, and preventing sagging and leakage. Without such measures, losses can result from these damaging effects on cargo.

Protect Against Moisture and Condensation

The dampness control sheet is an easy-to-use, cost-effective moisture prevention solution for containers, with 5-minute installation and removal, easy storage, and suitability for various products like steel wires, machine parts, cosmetics, chemicals, medicines, and food.

  • Safeguards cargo by preventing damaging moisture and condensation during transportation
  • Offers a practical solution to counter condensation, preserving cargo quality
  • Allows water vapour passage while blocking droplets, capturing condensation
  • Hooks onto lashing rings and bars, takes just 5 minutes to set up
  • Suitable for a wide range of products like steel wires, cosmetics, and more
  • Resists sagging and leakage, ensuring long-lasting performance
  • Requires no frequent cleaning, simplifying upkeep
  • Easily stored and retrieved when needed, promoting convenience
  • Maintains a 20cm gap to prevent contact, keeping cargo safe
  • Cost-effective way to prevent moisture damage and potential losses
  1. CT Sheets come with unique hooks. Hang these hooks to the lashing rings and tie the ropes to the lashing bars at each corner.
  2. Attach the innermost sides and door sides of the CT Sheet to the ceiling with adhesive tapes
  3. Keep around 20cm between the top of the cargo and the CT Sheet.
  4. Prevent the cargo from touching the sheet
  5. Wipe dirt/oil off both the top of the cargo and the CT Sheet
  6. Keep the tape areas of the container dry to ensure the CT Sheet remains in place.
  7. CT Sheet cannot be attached without lashing rings at roof corners.
  8. The performance of the CT Sheet may vary according to the physical properties of cargo and climatic conditions en route.
  9. CT Sheet to be stored in cartons and kept away from hot/humid conditions such as a fire.

Condensation Terminator Sheet Product Brochure: Download