Strapping Band Dispenser

Strapping band dispensers ensure a smooth and hassle-free release of strapping bands, preventing tangling.  Constructed from high-quality steel or plastic, they offer added strength, resilience, and durability.

High-Quality Construction

Designed for ease of movement, the dispenser features ergonomic handles or wheels, allowing users to relocate the unit efficiently as tasks require. These dispensers can be used with various strapping band types, including PET, PP, or composite strapping.

The dispenser streamlines strapping band handling, reducing time wastage and enhancing overall productivity. By promoting orderly storage of strapping bands, the dispenser contributes to a clutter-free work environment, fostering a more organised workspace.

Precision Tension Control

Equipped with a sharp cutting blade, the dispenser enables swift and precise cutting of strapping bands to desired lengths, enhancing operational efficiency. The integrated storage compartment provides a convenient space to keep strapping band rolls organised, preventing clutter and ensuring accessibility when needed.

  • Prevents strapping bands from tangling
  • Double ball-bearing centre for smooth rotation
  • Easy adjustments and oscillations
  • Constructed from durable steel or plastic
  • Works with PET, PP, and composite strapping
  • Accommodates various widths and lengths
  • Keeps strapping materials tidy
  • Equipped with wheels or casters
  • Optional brake mechanism for control
  • Simplifies securing packages
  • Minimises knotting risks
  • Streamlines packaging operations
  • Ensures items are tightly secured
  • Suitable for different materials
  • Various options for specific needs
  • Dispenser Cart I
  • Dispenser Cart II
  • Economic Strapping Dispenser
  • Dispenser Stand

Strapping Band Dispensers Product Brochure: Download