VCI Masking Film

VCI masking film is a pressure-sensitive adhesive corrosion inhibitor film that offers protective packaging for metal surfaces. This film adheres to metal surfaces upon application and can be removed without leaving residue.

Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic

VCI masking films serve as protective barriers for metal surfaces, shielding them from scratches, marring, and corrosion during manufacturing, storage, and transit. When used indoors, the rust-prevention film provides transparent and robust protection for up to six months, preventing defects and corrosion.

To use the VCI masking film, apply it to a clean, dry metal surface. The film is made from a durable, odourless, non-toxic water-based acrylic material and can withstand various processes like roll forming, bending, cutting, and stamping. This makes it suitable for metal fabrications, service centres, doors, trim works, and indoor heavy-duty industrial equipment and machinery storage.

  • Multi-metal VCI protection
  • Reduce rejects due to surface damage and corrosion
  • Lightweight, odourless, safe, and easy to handle
  • Water-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive system
  • Clean peel film; leaves no residue on the metal surface
  • Withstands bending, cutting, and forming operations
  • Transparent film permits inspection
  • Available in rolls up to 80″ wide
  • Polished Metal Surfaces
  • Speciality finishes that need to remain flawless
  • Precision and machined metal surfaces
  • Metals that require protection from defects during manufacturing, fabrication
  • When it is impractical to remove, repaint and rework imperfections manually
  • Metal fabrications, metal service centres, doors, and trim works, heavy-duty industrial equipment, and machines that are stored indoors