VCI Shrink Film

Heavy-duty shrink wrap is a cost-effective method for packaging large and irregularly shaped equipment, protecting against moisture and contaminants. It is commonly used for machinery transportation via rail, flatbed trucks, or ocean-bound containers. This heat-sealable and puncture-resistant film conforms to irregular shapes and surfaces, ensuring the security of your assets in various environments.

Protective Packaging Solutions

VCI Shrink Film enhances heavy-duty shrink wrap by adding volatile corrosion inhibitors and UV stabilisers. This specialized film keeps metals clean, dry, and corrosion-free while remaining flexible and tear-resistant, adapting easily to equipment contours and blocking UV rays.

When metals are wrapped in VCI Film, it forms an invisible protective molecular layer, preventing corrosion-causing elements from contacting the metal directly. No cleaning is necessary as the VCI dissipates upon unwrapping, leaving the metal clean, dry, and ready for use.

This film’s versatility makes it suitable for outdoor environments and an excellent alternative to other wraps, tarps, and covers, especially when crating is not an option. Its sealing properties allow for on-site installation without additional equipment or labour.

  • Moisture and contaminant protection
  • Conforms to irregular shapes
  • Heat-sealable
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Corrosion inhibitors for metals
  • UV stabilisers
  • Flexible and tear-resistant
  • Easy-to-apply
  • No cleaning required

Premium VCI Shrink Film

  • A well-rounded, thick, and flexible shrink film
  • Extra thick flexible film
  • Suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • UV stabilisation feature
  • Ideal for outdoor storage and export environment applications

VCI Shrink Film (Ferrous)

  • Rugged and durable material
  • Specialised in ferrous metals protection
  • UV stabilisation feature
  • Ideal for outdoor storage and export environment applications

Standard Shrink Film

  • General-purpose shrink film
  • Not for protection of metals
  • Ideal protection for flatbed, container shipping, or barge
  • Applicable for outdoor storage and export environment applications
  • Automobiles and truck chassis
  • Aviation and aerospace parts
  • Construction Equipment
  • Excess inventory
  • Fabricated metal parts
  • Large Machine Parts
  • Locomotive parts
  • Marine equipment
  • Motorcycles and snowmobiles
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Road-building machines
  • Seasonal equipment
  • Wind turbines and components