Ethylene Absorbers

Extend the Shelf Life of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables with Ethylene Absorbers. Ethylene Absorbers are manufactured from natural zeolites. The absorbers increase the shelf life and safety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and seasonal flowers. When placed in food packaging, the absorber removes ethylene gas through the process of oxidation. This process ensures the freshness and quality of the fruits and vegetables in transit and storage.

Agricultural produce requires Ethylene Absorber packets for preservation and extension of shelf life. The absorber packets are available in different sizes. Ethylene Absorbers also eliminate moulds, prevent decay, moulding, softening, wilting, discolouration, crunch loss, and other negative impacts of ethylene gas on flowers, kiwis, tomatoes, etc. mangoes, citrus, apples, cucumbers, bananas, onions, and many others. When used for handling produce post-harvest, these absorbers slow down the ripening process of vegetables, flowers, and fruits. They are non-toxic, FDA approved, and chemically inert for east disposal with regular waste.

Quality Ethylene Absorbers from Om Mas

At Om Mas, we are committed to providing food businesses of all types and scales with high-quality and effective packaging solutions. We ensure to comply with standards and provide solutions that enable companies to achieve high returns on investment. Our Ethylene Absorbers have three main applications: control of the atmosphere for storage, slowing down the ripening of fruits and vegetables, and absorbing ethylene during the shipping of agricultural produce.

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