Ethylene Absorber Sachets

Ethylene absorber sachets preserve the quality of fresh produce during transportation and storage. These sachets effectively remove ethylene gas, slowing the ripening process of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Ripening Control Solution

By eliminating ethylene through oxidation, ethylene scavenger pouches prevent decay, mould, softening, and discolouration, thus extending the shelf life of perishable products.

Designed to allow gaseous exchanges and be resistant to water, these ethylene gas removers are effective in humid conditions, preventing spoilage and maintaining product freshness.

Maintain Product Freshness

Non-toxic and chemically inert fruit and vegetable preservers are safe for products and consumers. Packaged in tear-resistant sachet packs of various sizes, they are easily adaptable to different storage spaces and volumes.

These versatile ripening inhibitors are used in the agriculture and food manufacturing industries. In agriculture, the ethylene absorber enhancers protect harvested crops, while in food manufacturing, they ensure the quality of perishable ingredients during production.

  • Extends the freshness of produce during transit and storage
  • Eliminates ethylene gas to slow down ripening and decay
  • Hinders mould, decay, softening, and discolouration
  • Works effectively in humid conditions, reducing spoilage risks
  • Harmless to products and consumers, with no chemical risks
  • Available in tear-resistant sachets of various sizes
  • Suitable for agriculture and food manufacturing industries
  • Keeps harvested crops and perishable ingredients fresh for longer
  • Uses oxidation to neutralise ethylene
  • Reduce food waste and environmentally conscious practices
  • Small sachets: 0.25 gm / 0.50 gm / 1 gm /  1.7 gm /  2.5 gm
  • Medium sachets: 5 gm / 7 gm / 9 gm (intended for long-distance transport of fruits)
  • Large sachets: 22 gm / 38 gm (transport highly preserved fruit or for use in fridges)

Ethylene Absorber Sachets Product Brochure: Download