Ethylene Pallet Covers

Ethylene absorbent pallet covers protect fruits and vegetables in transit and storage by countering ethylene-induced ripening and decay. These covers consist of ethylene-absorbent material infused into plastic film, which traps and eliminates ethylene gas.

High-Emission Fruit Preservation

By reducing ethylene levels, the covers extend shelf life. Ethylene pallet sheaths are used in agriculture, horticulture, and the food industry, especially for high-emission fruits like apples and pears. These pallet wraps can be placed on pallets or individual containers, creating a barrier that preserves freshness during transportation and storage.

Ethylene pallet sleeves are useful for long-distance travel, international shipping, and cold storage. By controlling ethylene levels, these covers reduce waste, enhance product quality, and improve supply chain efficiency. Designed for high-emission fruits, these ethylene wraps are used in container filters, for long-term preservation, and as sachets in individual boxes. Distribute evenly on pallets and easily remove them upon reaching the destination.

  • Counteracts ethylene-induced ripening, preserving freshness
  • Infused material traps and eliminates ethylene gas
  • Reduces ethylene levels, extending product lifespan
  • Ideal for agriculture, horticulture, and food sectors
  • Effective for apples and pears
  • Shields items during transit and storage
  • Reduces waste and enhances quality and efficiency
  • Suitable for long-distance and international shipping
  • Distributes evenly on pallets and containers
  • Used with container filters and as sachets

Ethylene Absorbent Pallet Covers

  • For applications that require a greater amount of granules
  • Used as replacement of the tube filters in reefer containers
  • For controlled atmosphere containers and air freight containers
  • Used for products that emit high levels of ethylene (Apples, mangoes, avocados and kiwis)

Ethylene Absorbent Pallet Covers for Pineapples & Berries

  • For long-distance transportation
  • For protecting pineapple and different berries
  • Used as replacement of the tube filters in reefer containers
  • For fruits with lower levels of emissions but a higher need for air filtration

Ethylene Absorbent Pallet Covers for Bananas and Plantains

  • Does not interfere with the artificial ripening process
  • Used as replacement of the tube filters in reefer containers
  • Recommended for protecting bananas and plantains without Banavac bags

Ethylene Pallet Covers for long-term preservation

  • For fruits that emit high levels of ethylene
  • For the long-term preservation of fruits like apples and pear

Ethylene Pallet Covers Product Brochure: Download