Ethylene Absorber Rods

Ethylene absorber rods combined with activated carbon absorb more than 3 and 4 litres of ethylene per kilogram. The rods remove ethylene gas from the air within enclosed spaces such as storage rooms, shipping containers, and refrigerators.

Rods for Ripening Control

Ethylene gas is a naturally occurring plant hormone that accelerates the ripening and decay of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.  As air circulates through the enclosed space, the ethylene gas comes into contact with the absorber material, which traps or adsorbs the ethylene molecules.

This process reduces ethylene concentration in the environment, slowing the ripening process and preventing premature spoilage. Using ethylene absorber rods extends the shelf life and maintains the freshness of these perishable items.

Remove Gas and Preserve Produce

These rods are easy to use and can be hung or placed within storage areas or containers where produce is stored. They are particularly useful for high-emission fruits and vegetables and ethylene-sensitive items, helping minimize food waste and maintain product quality.

  • Gk3 and GK4 granules absorb 3 and 4 litres of ethylene per kilogram
  • Activated carbon combination for specific applications
  • “Easyfit” system with integrated flanged connection
  • Simple filter installation, no complex manipulation
  • Four orientations for truck filter setup
  • Optional double-sided adhesive for smooth ventilation
  • Tailored capacity based on fruit type and transit
  • Filter capacity adjusts to varying ripeness levels
  • 50 cm Ethylene Absorber Filter
  • 75 cms Ethylene Absorber Filter
  • 100 cm Ethylene Absorber Filter
  • Panel Filter for Cold Stores