Desiccant Packs

Om Mas’s Desiccant Packs protect goods from damages caused by moisture and gases and increase their lifespan. They are available in different materials & forms. The moisture-absorbing bags can be filled with silica gel, molecular sieves, activated clay or activated carbon.

  • Unit Paks
    Commonly used by government agencies, Unit Paks protect elements that reduce the lifespan of their i
  • Pillow Paks
    Pillow Paks are high quality desiccants used by industries such as healthcare, food packaging, and o
  • Desiccant Polymer
    Desiccant Custom Molded Polymer for moisture absorption. Versatile Moisture Absorbing Polymer (VMAP)
  • Continuous Strip Desiccant
    Humi Dri is a high-quality desiccant that ensures that goods are damage-free from moisture and gases
  • Desiccant Bags
    Humi Dri is a high-quality desiccant bag capable of preventing your goods from moisture and gas dama