Silica Gel Packets

Silica gel packets efficiently absorb humidity, safeguarding products from moisture damage, such as mould, mildew, corrosion, and spoilage, in electronics, leather goods, food packaging, and documents. The packets can be used in packages, containers, and storage spaces where maintaining low humidity levels is crucial.

Enhance Moisture Protection

The moisture absorber sachets can be tailored to specific application needs, allowing for combinations like non-indicating silica gel and activated carbon. They can also be used with moisture barrier bags and humidity indicator cards for optimal moisture protection.

Available in different materials and sizes, such as non-woven fabric, Tyvek, plastic, and paper, the materials provide air circulation and particle prevention. Suitable for diverse applications, they are safe for food-related purposes and supported by stringent quality control measures.

Quality Moisture Absorbing Bags

We manufacture silica gel desiccant bags with ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, underscoring our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. We are dedicated to our rigorous daily testing and quality assessments in our QA laboratory. These desiccant bags are also environmentally friendly and easy to dispose of under local regulations.

  • Versatile moisture management solution
  • Tailored sachets for specific applications
  • Tyvek-crafted: tear-resistant & eco-friendly
  • FDA-approved non-toxic desiccant
  • Effective moisture absorption
  • Prevents unwanted residue
  • Safeguards apparel, electronics, healthcare products
  • Collaborates with barrier bags & indicator cards
  • Flexible solutions for various industries
  • Clean and dust-free environment
  • Desiccant type: Silica gel
  • Material: Non-toxic, amorphous silicon dioxide
  • Bead size: 1-3 mm
  • Packaging material options: Tear-resistant paper, clear plastic, Tyvek, non-woven fabrics
  • Packaging sizes: Available in various sizes, from small packets to large packets for shipping containers
  • Adsorption capacity: 25-40% at a relative humidity of 50%
  • Moisture content: <2%
  • pH range: 4-8
  • Shelf life: Minimum of 2 years when stored in a cool and dry place
  • Reusability: Silica gel packets can be dried and reused multiple times
  • Compliance: Safe for use with food products and compliant with industry standards for pharmaceuticals and electronics
  • Certification: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified for quality and environmental management
  • Packaging Material: Paper/Plastic/Heatlon/Tyvek/Fabric
  • Silica gel: Blue/Orange/White
  • Size:0.5gm – 1kg