Humi Dri Desiccant Bags

Efficient moisture management is vital for maintaining product quality. Specific temperature and humidity conditions can trigger bacteria and mould growth in food, leading to spoilage, moisture-related problems, and discolouration. Similarly, excessive humidity can cause metal oxidation in electronic items, resulting in defects.

Efficient Moisture Management

Humi Dri is a high-quality desiccant pouch that counteracts the harmful impacts of moisture in product packaging. These sachets adhere to global standards, including Mil-Spec Types I, II, and III and JEDEC for semiconductor packaging.

The desiccant packs come in various fills, such as activated carbon, activated alumina, molecular sieve, and silica gel. Customised blends can also be provided to cater to specific requirements upon request.

The desiccant sachets are available in clear plastic, Tyvek, paper, anti-static material, or tear-proof fabric to accommodate diverse packaging needs. Tailored non-standard desiccant bags and printing services can be arranged upon request.

Quality Assurance and Certified Quality

We manufacture desiccant bags with ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, underscoring our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. We are dedicated to our rigorous daily testing and quality assessments in our QA laboratory.

For packaging desiccant bags, options like drums, tins, carton boxes, and moisture barrier bags are available. These choices are designed to ensure effective protection and prolong product shelf life. Furthermore, pair with humidity indicator cards to visually represent relative humidity within the packaging.

  • Efficient moisture management
  • Prevents bacteria and mould growth
  • Metal oxidation protection
  • High-quality desiccant pouches
  • Global standards compliance
  • Versatile desiccant fills
  • Custom blends available
  • Diverse packaging options
  • ISO 9001 and 140001 certified
  • Quality assurance checks
  • Size: Available in various sizes ranging from small sachets to large packets
  • Packaging options: Pouches, packets, canisters, or bulk bags
  • Moisture absorption rate: Typically between 20-30% of the desiccant’s weight
  • Shelf life: Generally between 1-2 years, depending on the product and storage conditions
  • Working temperature: Typically between -40°C to 60°C
  • Humidity levels: Effective in humidity levels up to 90% RH (relative humidity)
  • Toxicity: Non-toxic and safe for use with food, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and more
  • Environmental impact: Recyclable and safe for the environment
  • Certifications: Meet standards such as FDA, REACH, RoHS, and ISO 9001
  • Applications: Ideal for use in the storage and transportation of products in various industries such as food, electronics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and more
  • Features: Easy to use, durable, and long-lasting, helps maintain product quality and integrity

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