Transformer Breathers

The lack of proper moisture control and humidity within the equipment is the cause of most malfunctions or failures of transformers or equipment. Therefore, it is vital to maintain a low moisture level within the space in the conservator tank’s top. The low moisture content prevents deterioration of the cooling medium’s insulation properties. A Transformer Breather offers an efficient and economical way to control moisture entry and maintain certain humidity levels within the storage tank or transformer equipment. Transformer Breathers function to indicate desiccant (usually Silica Gel) filled inside the transformer, absorbing moisture from the air as it passes through the breather, ensuring that only dry air enters. Once fully saturated with moisture, Silica Gel changes colour from blue to pink, indicating the need for replacement.

Protect Transformers with Transformer Breathers

When the capacity of the transformer increases or is at maximum capacity, the insulating oil of the transformer is automatically heated up, causing it to expand and get displaced into the conservator tank present at the top of the transformer. The oil then pushes the dry air out of the tank through the breather. When the oil cools down, air from the atmosphere is drawn into the transfer again, and the cycle repeats. According to standard requirements, the oil content should be kept at a lower of 35 ppm moisture level within a storage tank. Prevent damage to transformers and other similar equipment from moisture and humidity.

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