Mark 7 Transformer Breather

Mark 7 transformer breather is designed to protect equipment operating under high mechanical stress. Made from mild weld steel, it can withstand shock, bumps, and vibrations in electrical tractions like trains.

The breather controls moisture and is fitted with an oil-seal bowl filled with orange-indicating desiccant with high dust attrition resistance. It requires periodic inspection of the oil level and desiccant replacement when it changes colour from orange to green, indicating saturation. The transformer breather has three different body lengths to suit various application needs.

  • Designed for high mechanical stress protection
  • Made from mild weld steel for durability
  • Withstands shock, bumps, and vibrations in electrical tractions
  • Equipped with oil-seals bowls for moisture control
  • Filled with Envirogel for enhanced dust attrition resistance
  • Easy maintenance with periodic oil level inspection
  • Indicator for saturated Envirogel replacement (color change from orange to green)
  • Available in three models with different body lengths for versatile applications
Model No. Height of Desiccant Container (“L”) (mm) Overall Height (mm) Desiccant Weight (kg) Equipment Oil Contents (litres)
 701  127  190  0.75  550
 702  235  300  1.20  880
 703  407  407  2.50  1850

Mark 7 Transformer Breather Product Brochure: Download