Desiccant Reactivation Unit

The desiccant reactivation unit removes moisture from saturated silica gel desiccants. The water removal reactivation unit recovers 25 kg of desiccant and removes up to 4.5 litres of water in a six-hour cycle. It features a removable inner desiccant holder to replace the recovered silica gel easily.

The moisture absorber reactivation unit is incorporated with air circulation to prevent the backflow of evaporated moisture to the desiccant. It also includes a temperature monitoring and control instrument to maximise reactivation efficiency. Users can set the input reactivation temperature control manually. The completion of the reactivation process is indicated when the output temperature matches the inlet temperature.

  • Recovers saturated orange-indicating silica gel
  • 25 kg desiccant recovery capacity
  • Removes up to 4.5 liters of water in six-hour cycle
  • Removable inner desiccant holder for easy replacement
  • Air circulation to prevent backflow of evaporated moisture
  • Temperature monitoring and control for efficiency
  • User-settable input reactivation temperature
  • Output temperature indicates completion of reactivation

Desiccant Reactivation Unit Product Brochure: Download

Desiccant Reactivation Unit Drawing: Download