Large Transformer Breathers

Transformer breathers that protect large-capacity tanks from moisture. These dehumidifiers are constructed with robust materials to contain the required desiccants needed.

Silica Gel Breathers

The moisture removal units can be mounted by a pipe thread or flange connection and are equipped with a two-way pressure valve in their base plate, allowing air to enter during negative air pressure.

The air dryers include a desiccant container made of mild steel, protected with a phosphate and powder coat. The silica gel breathers also have a shatter-proof and UV-stabilised polycarbonate window for clear visibility of silica gel. This window acts as a visual alert to handlers when replacement is needed.

Durable and Long-lasting Construction

The transformer breather is securely clamped between end plates using four metal tie rods with threaded nuts, enabling easy desiccant replacement. All threads in these breathers adhere to BS21 and ISO7-1 standards. Size V, W, and X breathers have a ¾” female pipe thread, while Size Y and Z breathers have a 1” female pipe thread.

  • Designed to protect large-capacity tanks from moisture
  • Robust construction with high-quality materials
  • Can be mounted via pipe thread or flange connection
  • Equipped with a two-way pressure valve for air entry during negative pressure
  • Desiccant container made of mild steel with phosphate and powder coating
  • Shatter-proof and UV-stabilized polycarbonate window for clear visibility of silica gel
  • Easy replacement of Envirogel (Orange-Indicating Silica Gel) by releasing threaded nuts
  • Threads conform to BS21 and ISO7-1 standards
  • Different sizes available with ¾” or 1” female pipe thread options
 Size  Overall Length (B)  Overall Diameter (A)  Weight of Desiccant  Max Oil Content
 V  375mm  255mm  5kg  11,350 Litres
 W  555mm  255m  10kg  22,700 Litres
 X  735mm  355mm  14.5kg  34,050 Litres
 Y  485mm  355mm  17.5kg  45,450 Litres
 Z  645mm  355mm  27.3kg  68,150 Litres

V, W, X, Y & Z Transformer Breathers Product Brochure: Download