Bubble Wrap Cushioning Machine

The bubble wrap cushioning machine is an industrial-grade device designed for efficient and precise protective bubble wrap packaging production. With streamlined functionality, this machine offers a straightforward process to create air-filled bubble cushions.

On-Demand Packaging Protection

It produces air-filled bubbles on demand, providing reliable protection during transit and storage. This compact machine uses un-inflated bubble wrap film or tube cushions with pre-sealed air pockets. The film is inflated with air, and the resulting bubble wrap can be dispensed and cut to fit each package’s requirements.

The packaging machine includes a dual belt drive and band sealer for airtight seals. Its compact design allows easy integration into pack stations and operates at 65 feet per minute without compressed air. The user-friendly controls enable adjustments for consistent fill levels and seal quality, while an onboard connectivity port allows monitoring and diagnostics.

Airtight Seals and Compact Design

These bubble wrap machines can be used for warehouses, fulfilment centres, and shipping departments handling large volumes. Our range of bubble wrap machines is available with diverse specifications and customisation options to meet specific packaging needs. Additional accessories like a machine stand, footswitch, automatic winder, and storage hopper can be added.

  • Efficient production of bubble wrap inflatable cushioning
  • Dual belt drive and band sealer for airtight seals
  • Compact design for seamless integration into pack stations
  • Operates at 65 feet per minute without compressed air
  • User-friendly controls for consistent fill levels and seals
  • Onboard connectivity port for monitoring and diagnostics
  • Option to add accessories like machine stand and storage hopper
  • On-demand air-filled bubbles for reliable transit protection
  • Uses un-inflated bubble wrap film for custom sizes
  • Ideal for high-volume warehouses and fulfilment centres
  • Type: Air Bubble Machine
  • Weight:5kgs
  • Power:120w
  • Speed: 20m/min(65 feet)
  • Voltage:220v/110v, 50HZ-60HZ
  • Has adjustable air volume, temperature and length
  • Works with the overhead delivery system or winder
  • Ideal for most packaging environments
  • Easy operation and low maintenance
  • One year warranty
  • CE, PSE certified, quality guaranteed

Bubble Wrap Cushioning Machine Product Brochure: Download