Bubble Wrap

Protective packaging is vital for the integrity of products during transit. There are many packaging options available for void filling. Companies now need solutions that provide protection to packaged products and address the issue of space and weight. Bubble Wrap also known as inflatable packaging, is a kind of void fill packaging that uses air cushioning to protect goods from damage. It allows the distribution centres and warehouses to save space by keeping the bubble packaging fillers off the floor. They can be filled with air when needed.

These Void Fillers come in the form of deflated plastic rolls. They are easy to organise, stack and store without taking a lot of space. As the need for Bubble Wrap arises, the deflated roll can incorporate into an air filling system that fills the wrapping sheets with air. Unlike traditional Bubble Wraps, the bubble on demand is available in rolls packaged in boxes, making it easy to store them anywhere in the facility. Due to their perforated lengths, it is quick to determine the usage without wasting it, ultimately saving cost and reducing wastage. These wraps offer the safest way to protect and wrap products within the package.

Void Fill Solution for Products with Bubble Wrap

At Om Mas, we provide high-quality protective packaging solutions perfect for packing fragile items and protecting damage from impact damages during transit and storage. We source our packaging solutions from well-known manufacturers worldwide to ensure high quality and durability at wholesale prices.

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