Reinforced Aluminium Foil

Reinforced aluminium foil, also known as barrier packaging film, is a versatile laminated material that combines a layer of aluminium foil with a transparent nylon film and multiple heat-sealable polyethene layers. This composition imparts resistance to moisture and oxygen to the aluminium foil.

Elevate Security and Shielding

Affordable, flexible, reinforced foil barriers can regulate humidity in shipping or storage packaging. It is suitable for sealing and lining shipping crates, protecting against off-gassing and safeguarding shelves from environmental moisture, liquids, and gases.

Aluminium foil packaging creates a tightly sealed, low-oxygen environment that mitigates the risk of pest infestation, thereby enhancing the protection of goods. Reinforced metal foil efficiently safeguards goods as a practical solution for enhancing security during transportation or storage. Use together with desiccant bags and humidity indicators for additional moisture protection.

  • Shields against moisture, gases, and pests
  • Ideal for sealing, lining, and humidity control
  • Resists oxygen, prevents off-gassing
  • Deters infestation, safeguards goods
  • Reliable during transport and storage
  • Heat-sealable for efficient use
  • Withstands demanding conditions
  • Guards against environmental impact
  • Offers visibility, extra protection