Aluminum Moisture Barrier Bag

Moisture barrier bag safeguards products from moisture damage during storage and transit, especially in humid regions. Its robust moisture barrier prevents moisture and containments from harming goods within.

Effective Moisture Prevention 

Constructed with a multi-layer aluminium barrier, these bags effectively prevent moisture ingress. The moisture barrier pouches prolong the shelf life of sensitive products, minimise corrosion, mould growth, and degradation, and ensure items remain optimal during storage, transportation, or preservation.

The puncture-resistant, heat-sealable, and military-grade bags are ideal for packaging semiconductors, machine components, aircraft, and automotive spare parts. Available in various sizes, they cater to diverse packaging needs. These bags maintain product integrity by minimizing moisture-induced damage during storage and transit.

Protection Against Humidity Damage

The bags are available as rolls or customised to fit various needs, such as flat pouches, zip locks, or heat-sealable bags. Select the proper bag with suitable barrier properties based on the enclosed item’s moisture sensitivity. Pair with desiccant bags or humidity indicator cards for extra moisture protection.

  • Defends against moisture damage during storage and transit
  • Minimises the risk of corrosion for sensitive items
  • Guards against mould growth and degradation
  • Puncture-resistant and heat-sealable for added strength
  • Customisable in various sizes and formats
  • Offers robust protection like military standards
  • Ideal for semiconductors, aerospace, and more
  • Available in rolls, flat pouches, and zip locks
  • Tailor barrier properties to product needs
  • Complement with desiccant bags or humidity indicators
  • Material: High-quality moisture barrier film
  • Size options: Available in various sizes to accommodate different products
  • Moisture protection: Provides excellent moisture barrier properties to protect contents from humidity and moisture damage
  • Oxygen barrier: Offers effective oxygen barrier properties to prevent oxidation and spoilage of sensitive products
  • Static shielding: Equipped with static shielding properties to safeguard electronic components and devices from electrostatic discharge (ESD)
  • Tear resistance: Constructed with tear-resistant material for enhanced durability and product protection
  • Seal type: Heat-sealable closure for a secure and tamper-evident seal
  • Transparency: Transparent material allows easy visual inspection of the contents without opening the bag
  • Packaging compatibility: Can be used with various packaging methods, including vacuum sealing and heat sealing
  • Compliance: Manufactured by industry standards and regulations for moisture barrier packaging
  • Labelling area: Includes a designated area for labelling or writing product information
  • Environmental impact: Recyclable and environmentally friendly materials used in production