5-Level Temperature Strip Label

The 5-Level temperature strip label is a temperature monitoring system indicating when the temperature surpasses a set value. The label responds promptly and maintains accuracy within 2% of the Celsius rating.

Accurate Temperature Tracking

The label incorporates five alarm indicators and undergoes a colour shift from silver to black once temperatures surpass designated thresholds. Its irreversible nature acts as a deterrent against tampering, ensuring security.

It also offers evident signals of temperature breaches, serving shippers and handlers alike. The label uses colour alteration technology to precisely track temperature variations and exhibits robust resistance to oil, water, and steam. Furthermore, it includes lot numbering to facilitate traceability and uphold quality assurance standards.

  • Detects temperature breaches accurately
  • Immediate transition from silver to black for clear alerts
  • Irreversible colour shift prevents tampering
  • Reliable readings across diverse conditions
  • Self-adhesive backing for convenient placement
  • Quick heat-sensitive label response time
  • Maintains precision within 2% Celsius rating
  • Resistant to oil, water, and steam
  • Unchangeable colour change for inspection
  • Lot numbered for traceability and control
Clock 1 40°C 43°C 45°C 49°C 54°C
104°F 109°F 115°F 120°F 129°F
Clock 2 60°C 65°C 71°C 77°C 82°C
140°F 149°F 160°F 171°F 180°F
Clock 3 88°C 93°C 99°C 104°C 110°C
190°F 199°F 210°F 219°F 230°F
Clock 4 116°C 121°C 127°C 132°C 138°C
241°F 250°F 261°F 270°F 280°F
Clock 5 143°C 149°C 154°C 160°C 166°C
289°F 300°F 309°F 320°F 331°F
Clock 6 171°C 177°C 182°C 188°C 193°C
340°F 351°F 360°F 370°F 379°F
Clock 7 199°C 204°C 210°C 216°C 224°C
390°F 399°F 410°F 421°F 435°F
Clock 8 232°C 241°C 249°C 254°C 260°C
450°F 466°F 480°F 489°F 500°F

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