Paper Dunnage Bag

Paper dunnage bags are a secure void filler, absorbing impacts and preventing cargo movement during transit. It is versatile and can be used in trucks, vessels, rail cars, and intermodal use.

Versatile Void Fillers

They are made from robust kraft paper layers and include a moisture-resistant inner coating for better air retention. These bags are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and can be reused, offering sustainability and cost savings.

Reinforced seams and a reliable valve system ensure a secure, air-tight seal, maintaining consistent pressure and preventing air leakage, thus ensuring the bag’s effectiveness throughout transportation. We offer a range of dunnage bags with varying sizes and specifications to suit diverse shipping needs effectively.

Secure Void Filler for Transit

Place the deflated dunnage bags within gaps between goods or cargo and the container walls. Once positioned, they can be inflated using compressed air, expanding to fit the available space and forming a secure cushion.

This inflation applies pressure to the cargo and container walls, averting goods displacement during transit and eliminating the risk of damage caused by collisions or movement. Upon reaching the destination, the bags can be deflated and removed without hassle, providing a practical and reusable solution.

  • Prevents cargo shifting by absorbing impacts during transit
  • Suitable for trucks, vessels, rail cars, and intermodal transport
  • Built with strong layers for durability and security
  • Inner layer enhances air retention and protection
  • Biodegradable material reduces environmental impact
  • Reusable bags provide sustainable cost savings
  • Inflates easily using compressed air
  • Creates a secure cushion, preventing damage
  • Fits gaps between cargo and container walls
  • Deflates and removes hassle-free after transit

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