Adsormat is a desiccant breather that regulates humidity by eliminating water vapour and preventing harmful contaminants from entering. It contains a molecular sieve and is equipped with a humidity indicator card that transitions from blue to pink when the desiccant reaches its maximum absorption capacity, signalling the need for replacement.

Additionally, the humidity regulator is offered in two material variants: mild steel, which provides resistance against industrial environments, and stainless steel, which offers enhanced protection against corrosive substances and environmental factors. Furthermore, the dehumidifier is available in two configurations: wall-mounted and floor-mounted, each tailored to specific requirements and applications.

  • Regulates humidity by eliminating water vapour and contaminants
  • Contains a molecular sieve for effective moisture control
  • Humidity indicator card changes color when the desiccant is full, indicating replacement needed
  • Available in mild steel for industrial resistance and stainless steel for added protection
  • Offered in wall-mounted and floor-mounted configurations for versatile applications

Adsormat Product Brochure: Download