Forklift Safety

Improve Workplace Safety with Forklift Monitoring Systems. Accidents while operating forklifts commonly take place inside a warehouse. Companies that want to monitor the activities of forklift operators and forklifts can make use of an advanced Forklift Monitoring System. The Forklift Monitoring Systems are designed to reduce damage to forklifts, products, and harm to operators up to 70%. They give controlled access to trained and only authorised personnel who can operate a forklift. These devices also help complete the OSHA inspection checklist requirements electronically, track and monitor the forklift efficiency and speed. Forklift Monitoring Systems are compatible with different brands and models. They monitor a wide range of safety points and perform maintenance tasks in a timely and efficient way. These safety equipment allow companies to achieve optimisation in warehouses across their operations.

Quality Forklift Monitoring Solutions from Om Mas

At Om Mas, we offer a variety of forklift monitoring solutions that help track, monitor and record the utilisation of vehicles and operators. The data they provide helps in improving the safety and productivity of the operations. These technologically advanced devices simplify the maintenance and management of assets at the workplace, optimise operator resources, and reduce damage and costs. We ensure to provide our clients with quality workplace safety equipment available in the market. Our Forklift Monitoring solutions make it easy and efficient to manage and monitor operators and vehicles. Furthermore, boost the efficiency of the enterprise.

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