Total Trax Job Tracking

Total Trax Job Tracking

Job Tracking is an additional component of the Forklift Monitoring System. The Job Tracking device is designed to enable users to monitor operations better, move inventory faster and safer, and help identify areas of improvement. The Job Tracking device comes in 3 different application methods. Click on the key features to find out more!

Improves Insights into the Entire Job Process 

To enhance job tracking, calculate job duration, travel time, and travel with load to analyse the labour costs associated with each job. Understanding the resource utilisation and total cost of a job improves resource scaling, scheduling, and reduces waste.

Improves Planning, Scheduling, and Estimating

To improve workflows, one can customise the Job Tracking System to cater to their business needs. Analyse the steps and direct the data accordingly to perform the activity. Moreover, leverage the links between activities, internally and externally. Building new connections between activities and companies can coordinate actions better with their buyers and suppliers.

Improve Insights into Past vs. Current Jobs

To positively impact costs using TotalTrax Job Tracking services create a competitive advantage by giving companies new ways to stand out from their competitors. Identify the technologically and economically specific activities and how it benefits the business. Also, identify opportunities for savings through coordination with suppliers and distributors.

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