Forklift Job Tracking

Forklift job tracking is an additional component of the forklift monitoring system, offering users improved operational monitoring and faster, safer inventory movement. It comes with three application methods and provides valuable insights by calculating job duration, travel time, and travel with load, optimising labour costs and resource utilisation while reducing waste.

Customisation options allow users to tailor workflows to their needs, enhancing efficiency and performance. By leveraging connections between activities and external partners, users can coordinate actions effectively, leading to better coordination and cost-saving opportunities.

  • Improved operational monitoring
  • Faster, safer inventory movement
  • Three application methods
  • Calculating job duration, travel time, and travel with load
  • Optimising labor costs and resource utilization
  • Customization options for workflows
  • Leveraging connections with partners for effective coordination
  • Competitive advantage through advantageous activities identification
  • Closer relationships with suppliers and distributors
  • Enhanced productivity, cost-effectiveness, and resource management