Shipping Container Desiccant

Container Desiccants help to remove condensation, moisture, and humidity from within the storage and shipping containers. The condensation, which may form on the container walls, leads to container rain that can deteriorate and damage the products’ packaging and even products in the container. Container Desiccants protect the cargo from rust, mildew, mould, and corrosion.

Container Desiccants are available in the broad range offering versatile protection against moisture and humidity damage during transit. They are available in bags and contain non-toxic clay desiccant combined with a small quantity of calcium chloride. They can absorb water vapours up to 80% and are the ideal choice for transporting goods like coffee beans, canned foods, flour, rice, and many more.

The innovative feature of these Container Desiccants is the control of dew points within the container. It is a temperature point at which condensation begins to form inside the container walls and roofs. These desiccants aggressively eliminate moisture from within the container environment, preventing container rain and damage to the products in transit. This system prevents conditions that lead to the formation of mildew, caking, warpage, and other types of damage to the bulk foods, glass, equipment, metal parts, agricultural products, and powders. The use of Container Desiccants allows all stakeholders to protect their products’ quality and safeguard brand equity and revenues.


• Ocean, rail, and truck shipping containers
• To protect agricultural products such as machinery, wood, textiles, food products, coffee, canned food.
• Suitable for long-term storage and transportation


• Safe for use with a variety of food products, directly
• Non-toxic
• Eco-friendly
• Can be disposed of with regular industrial waste
• Quality product
• Cost-effective
• Meet with the FCC and FDA recommendations
• Protects against the “container rain”
• Absorbs up to 80% of moisture
• Prevents mould, mildew, corrosion, and rust

  • Humi Dryer Strip
    The Humi Dryer Strip, also known as a continuous container desiccant, is made of non-toxic natural c
  • Humi Dryer Pole
    The Humi Dryer Pole is a container desiccant pole that can be secured directly into a shipping conta
  • Humi Dryer Strip Plus
    The Humi Dryer Plus, also known as continuous container desiccant, is a specially formulated desicca
  • Humi Dryer Bag
    The Humi Dryer Bag is a shipping container desiccant bag containing non-toxic natural clay desiccant