Container Desiccant Bag

Humi Dryer bags are filled with non-toxic activated clay and calcium chloride, eliminating moisture up to 80% of its weight. The container desiccants protect goods from moisture damage during transportation.

High Moisture Absorption

These desiccants trap moisture, regulating humidity when placed in a container to prevent excess moisture and associated issues during transit or storage. The cargo desiccant is food-safe, suitable for moisture-sensitive products like coffee beans, canned foods, flour, and rice during shipping. It is used in various industries for moisture control in warehouses and storage.

We manufacture Humi Dryer bags in two standard sizes certified by ISO 9001 and 14001. Their compact design enables effortless placement and removal. Engineered to withstand extended storage or long-haul shipments, our in-house lab rigorously tests for top-notch performance. Our offerings encompass customization and printing services, tailoring packaging to distinct brands and needs.

  • High moisture absorption (up to 80%)
  • Non-toxic clay desiccant
  • Protects against moisture damage
  • Regulates humidity in containers
  • Food-safe for sensitive cargo
  • Versatile industrial use
  • Home wardrobe moisture control
  • Prevents odour and mould growth
  • Rust prevention for metal items
  • ISO 1900 and 14000 certified
  • Customisable sizes and branding
  • Particles size: 1 – 4 mm
  • Water Absorption Capacity: min. 50 wt% (Up to 80 wt%)
  • The product label contains the following:
    • Manufacturer’s name
    • Description of desiccant
    • Quantity per container
    • Manufacturer’s lot number
    • Date of manufacture Manufacturer’s caution label
 Item No.  Weight  Quantity  Remarks
 CHY0500B1  500 gm  30BAG/CTN  YELLOW BAG
 CHY2000B1  2 kg  10BAG/CTN  YELLOW BAG with CABLE TIE


Humi-Dryer-Product-Brochure, Om Mas Thailand: Download