Impact Data Loggers

Monitor and track goods with Impact Data Loggers. During the transportation of products through sea, land, or air, it is critical to monitor the impact of goods during transit. With these Data Loggers, improve tracking of shipment or cargo, identify the precise mishandling location and follow it in real-time.

Minimising damages, reduce costs, and streamline the insurance process if a claim is filed for any loss or mishandling. At Om Mas, we offer a wide range of user-friendly Impact Data Loggers that are excellent for monitoring and tracking products and transport conditions. With a variety of impact measurements, these data loggers help to keep investment safe in the event of a mishap.

We ensure to supply the highest quality logging equipment that makes transit and shipping operations smooth, efficient, and cost-effective. T Ues recorders with updated and simple-to-use programs. Monitor data online with real-time insights and tracking continuously, helping users to make well-informed decisions and a competitive edge.

  • SpotBot™ Cellular
    The SpotBot™ Cellular is a standalone impact and temperature data logger designed to record tri-ax
  • SpotBot™ BLE
    In partnership with Bosch, the SpotBot™ BLE creates a transparent supply chain environment. By att
  • ShockWatch® g-View
    The ShockWatch® g-View is designed to monitor and record impact during transportation and storage.
  • ShockLog® Satellite
    The ShockLog® Satellite is a state-of-the-art technology that incorporates the features of the Sho
  • ShockLog® Cellular
    The ShockLog® Cellular functions to closely monitor and records the movement of goods and identify
  • ShockLog® 298
    The ShockLog® 298 is an impact data logger designed to monitor and record impact, shock, vibration,
  • ShockLog® 248
    The ShockLog® 248 functions to monitor and record impact and environmental conditions on any struct