Forklift Monitoring System

The forklift monitoring system is a telematics platform that provides real-time visibility of all vehicles, operators, and inventory movements within the monitored field. This system enhances warehouse operations by integrating driver safety information and other data, increasing efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Real-Time Visibility

Safety and compliance are essential in warehouse operations, and the forklift monitoring system ensures both through various features. It enables an access control feature to manage vehicle operations while monitoring operators’ driving behaviour.

The system also offers a multi-lingual interface, a pre-operation safety checklist, and the capability to generate impact detection sensing and event data. Using the forklift monitoring systems enhances productivity and efficiency by providing performance reports on operators and insights that can drive informed business decisions.

Optimise Vehicle Usage and Maintenance

The fleet monitoring system allows vehicle usage monitoring, distinguishing between run and idle times and load on and off periods. Moreover, the system facilitates multi-parameter maintenance monitoring, utilising customisable inputs such as fluid pressure, temperature, lift count, travel time, key-on time, and reverse count. This expandable feature includes 3 digital and 3 analogue inputs to cater to specific monitoring needs.

  • Real-time visibility of vehicles, operators, and inventory
  • Integration of driver safety information for enhanced safety
  • Increased efficiency and productivity with performance reports
  • Access control feature for managing vehicle operations
  • Multi-lingual interface and pre-operation safety checklist
  • Impact detection sensing and event data generation
  • Minimisation of accidents and damage to facilities and equipment
  • Fleet monitoring with usage tracking and maintenance monitoring
  • Customisable inputs for specific monitoring needs
  • Expandable system with digital and analogue inputs

Forklift Monitoring Software

The software provides users many benefits, including flexibility, upgradability, data management, data analytics, and more. Use this software to share data for better analytics. The seamless integration of future applications includes battery optimisation and real-time optical location systems. 

Forklift Monitoring Hardware

The hardware has a simple & intuitive user interface, providing users with colour-coded information, status LEDs, intuitive function keys, driver-friendly graphical icons, and a bigger screen. Designed for easier and faster installation, service, and upgrades, the device also provides flexibility between WiFi or cellular connectivity options, depending on the requirements. The device’s power management also has an IP66 rating and 10V to 80V conditioning.

Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud hosting for its data security and backup. Available service options range from baseline remote unit monitoring to proactive operational support. Optimise database performance with automated software updates.