VCI Lubricants

VCI lubricants protect metals, guarding against corrosion and rust during storage and transit in different industries. These solutions are specially formulated for various industrial applications, including assembly processes, stamping operations, transportation, and routine maintenance.

Effective Corrosion Protection 

They are compatible with various materials and can be applied through spray, dip, or brush. These lubricants offer temporary corrosion protection, penetrate tight spaces, and can be easily removed using conventional cleaning techniques.

The VCI solutions ensure that metal parts remain protected during transit, allowing shipments to endure travel and varying environmental conditions. This cost-effective solution reduces the need for repairs or replacements.

Safeguard Metal During Transit

VCI lubricants have diverse applications in metal processing, including lubrication, washing, final rinsing, and protecting closed systems like boilers, tanks, and piping. They can be used in various industries, including manufacturing, transportation, and military applications.

  • Guards metals during storage and transit in various industries
  • Compatible with different materials and applied through spray, dip, or brush methods
  • Offers temporary corrosion protection and reaches tight spaces
  • Effortlessly removable using conventional methods
  • Ensures metal parts remain safeguarded during travel, reducing repair costs
  • Essential in metal processing, including lubrication, washing, and protecting closed systems across industries

VCI Lubricant (5400)

The rust-preventive oil is incorporated with petroleum additives. The liquid leaves a lubricant and corrosion-preventive film as a wash without interfering with assembly sealers, adhesives, painting, welding, and cleaning solutions. Conventional cleaning methods can be used to remove the oil easily.

  • Protection Time: 1-2 years indoors; 3-6 months outdoors protected
  • Appearance: Light oily/waxy
  • Metal Protection: Cold rolled steel, sheet metal stamping, automotive parts
  • Also available in convenient 11 oz. aerosol spray

VCI Lubricant (7100)

A general-use water-displacing stamping oil is an anti-rust solution for any plant operation with a stamping operation that uses water-base cutting fluids. It can protect products such as manufactured springs, machine tools, compressors, gears, driveshafts, precision parts, watch components, taps, drills, and details for refrigeration, aviation, and transportation.

The transparent oil repels residual cutting fluids and will not clog stamping dies, which is a crucial benefit. It is also non-staining, another vital quality for in-plant or cross-plant processing. After application, it dries to a soft dry film barely noticeable, except for the sparkling lustre it puts on treated metal.

  • Protection Time: 3-6 months indoor
  • Appearance: Light, transparent, oily, dries to a transparent, non-discernible film
  • Metal Protection: Multi-metals
  • Also available in convenient 11 oz. aerosol spray

VCI Lubricant (7800)

The liquid protects both ferrous and non-ferrous parts during storage. It covers transit at a low film thickness with water-displacing, low-viscosity lubricant and a corrosion prevention solution. No mixing or preparation is required, and it is compatible with barium lube grease while functioning as an excellent lubricating oil for assembly parts.

It features a unique capability to creep and penetrate very tight and hard-to-reach areas. Remaining in a liquid state, even at -70°F, makes it applicable in the military as gun oil for firearms in cold climates. The VCI solution is also ideal in transit and transportation industries, machined parts, and routine maintenance shop use.

The VCI lubricant provides temporary corrosion protection and can un-seize a stubborn nut to keep machines running smoothly. To use the lubricant, apply by spray, dip or brush. If removal is required, users can use mineral spirits, high-pressure steam or hot alkaline wash.

  • Protection Time: up to 12 months indoor
  • Appearance: Light, oily film
  • Metal Protection: Steel, metalworking, and precision parts for ferrous and non-ferrous

VCI Lubricant (9300)

The water-displacing corrosion inhibitor additive for the final stage rinse prevents corrosion during the shipment and storage of machined parts, tools, treated steel, and assembles. The solution can be diluted with water petroleum solvent and applied by dip, spray or brush.

  • Protection Time: 3-9 months indoor
  • Appearance: Light, transparent liquid, dries to a thin, oily emulsion
  • Metal Protection: Steel

VCI Lubricant (9700)

A synthetic water-based rust preventive liquid designed as a final and in-process RP additive. Removes dirt and debris from steel before mill oils are applied. Add to cutting fluids, metalworking fluids, or final stage rinse. It is also water-displacing and is compatible with zinc and copper.

  • Protection Time: Limited indoor 1-12 weeks
  • Appearance: Straw-coloured, clear, aqueous solution that dries to a thin, soft film
  • Metal Protection: Steel