VCI Foam

VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) Foam is a non-abrasive cushion packaging material designed to prevent corrosion and rust formation on metal surfaces during storage and transportation. This foam integrates corrosion-inhibiting properties into its structure to create a protective shield around metal components.

Preventing Rust on Metals

This soft foam absorbs impacts and helps prevent corrosion, making it suitable for safeguarding delicate components like electronics, subassemblies, equipment, and various metals like zinc, copper, and steel.

VCI Foam can be reused multiple times, reducing packaging waste and costs. The foam does not leave any residue or particles on metal surfaces. They also can be easily cut and shaped to fit the contours of metal objects, ensuring complete coverage.

Corrosion-Inhibiting Cushion

The Foam maintains its integrity despite condensation, humidity, dirt, and environmental factors, making it a reliable choice for export applications. When the foam is removed, the corrosion inhibitors naturally dissipate, leaving the product clean and dry, ready for immediate use without additional cleaning. This efficiency saves time and effort.

  • Effectively prevents corrosion on various metals
  • Soft and flexible foam cushions against impacts
  • Suitable for safeguarding zinc, copper, steel, and more
  • Maintains integrity in diverse environmental conditions
  • Ideal for protecting products during international shipping
  • Leaves no residue upon removal, saving cleaning time
  • Guards sensitive electronics and delicate subassemblies
  • Contains Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors for eco-conscious protection
  • Products are immediately usable after foam removal
  • Efficient corrosion control reduces maintenance
  • 10” x 10” sheets
  • For individually wrapping
  • Adhesive form
  • Cut to size
  • Special order
  • Closed-cell foams and laminations
  • NSN 8650-01-338-1392
  1. Cut VCI Foam to the required size and shape to cover metal surfaces.
  2. Place the foam between or around metal components to ensure complete protection.
  3. Seal packaging containers tightly to maintain the effectiveness of VCI Foam.
  4. Store metal items in a dry and controlled environment for optimal corrosion prevention.