VCI Emitter Disks

VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) Emitter Disks are a highly effective corrosion prevention solution for enclosed spaces and packaging. These disks release volatile corrosion inhibitors into the surrounding atmosphere, creating a protective shield around metal components and equipment.

Lasting Rust Protection 

The VCI emitter disk is a lightweight disc infused with corrosion inhibitors, designed to ensure a corrosion-free environment. These inhibitors adhere to metal surfaces, shielding against moisture, salt, oxygen, dirt, and contaminants.

The VCI disk is compact for easy placement in confined spaces. It comes with adhesive tape that secures the emitter onto metal surfaces, walls, and cabinets. The corrosion inhibitors are formulated for steel and multi-metal components, offering safety, cost-effectiveness, and ease of application.

Advanced Corrosion Prevention

The compact size of the disks makes them easy to handle and store. Place the emitter disks within the enclosed space or packaging, and they start working immediately. This device provides lasting protection against rust, even in high humidity, without frequent replacements or maintenance.

  • Corrosion inhibitor-infused lightweight design
  • Protects against moisture, salt, oxygen, dirt, and contaminants
  • Slim and compact for tight spaces
  • Adhesive tape for secure attachment
  • Specifically formulated for steel and multi-metal parts
  • Long-lasting rust protection, even in humid conditions
  • VCI Emitter Disks 5: protects 5 cubic feet of enclosed space
  • VCI Emitter Disks 10: protects 10 cubic feet of enclosed space