VCI Poly Tubing

VCI poly tubing is a specialised film infused with a polyethene resin blend and VCI additives. This anti-rust packaging protects ferrous metals, steel, and aluminium during transportation, indoor storage, and in-process manufacturing. The film is also environmentally friendly, recyclable, and safe to handle.

Anti-Rust Packaging for Metals 

VCI Poly Tubing is a reliable solution for safeguarding metal items from corrosion, ensuring their integrity throughout various stages of handling and storage. It is designed to be sealed and shrunk using heat, thus shaping a tailored protective cover around the metal item.

The transparent tubing is available in diverse widths and thicknesses to cater to varying sizes of metal parts. To use metal preservation tubing, cut the desired length from a roll, insert the metal parts, and securely seal the ends, resulting in a custom-sized, corrosion-resistant package accommodating items of varying lengths.

Long-Lasting Metal Preservation

The VCI poly tubing establishes an airtight packaging around the metal object after heat-sealing. The VCI additives within the tubing vaporise and migrate to the metal surface, resulting in a layer of corrosion inhibitors. This layer provides durable protection against moisture and corrosive elements, such as oxygen and humidity, thereby preventing rust or corrosion.

  • Specialised film infused with VCI additives
  • Safeguards ferrous metals, steel, and aluminium during transportation, storage, and manufacturing
  • The film is eco-friendly, recyclable, and safe to handle
  • Available in various sizes, easily sealed and shrunk for tailored protection
  • Creates an airtight environment to prevent moisture and corrosion
  • Convenient and adaptable packaging solution for items of varying lengths
  • Thickness (Gauge): 4mils/100μm
  • Burst Strength: 21.9psi/151kPa
  • Puncture Strength: 1315g/2.9lb
  • Tear Resistance:
    • Machine Direction – 428.8gf/4.2N/ply
    • Transverse Direction – 1232gf/12.1N/ply
  • Tensile Strength at Break:
    • Machine Direction – 3148psi/21.7MPa
    • Transverse Direction – 2143psi/14.8MPa
  • Elongation at Break:
    • Machine Direction – 818%
    • Transverse Direction – 1025%
  • Inside Dry Storage: 24 Months
  • Recommended to use within 12 months of purchase
Width Length Thickness Color Packaging
4 inch 1500′ 4 Mil Yellow 1 Roll
6 inch 500′ 4 Mil Yellow 4 Rolls
8 inch 500′ 4 Mil Yellow 1 Roll
12 inch 1000′ 4 Mil Yellow 1 Roll
16 inch 500′ 4 Mil Yellow 1 Roll
24 inch 500′ 4 Mil Yellow 1 Roll
36 inch 500′ 4 Mil Yellow 1 Roll
48 inch 500′ 4 Mil Yellow 1 Roll