Foam In Place Packaging

This dependable foam-in-place packaging system merges two liquid foams within a bag or liner for convenience. The expandable foam mixture promptly moulds around products, requiring minimal training.

Provides Impact Protection

Features include telemetry, bar-coding, equipment design, customer focus, and the advantage programme. These foam-filled tubes safeguard delicate products during transit, offering shielding with minimal foam consumption.

Foam packaging is versatile and compatible with multiple packaging operations, efficiently crafting foam tubes. This ensures optimal safeguarding of goods during transit. It has adjustable tube quantities that can be tailored to suit diverse business requirements.

Expandable Foam Technology

Powered by a standard electrical outlet, the foam packaging system manufactures foam packaging and is suitable for various workstations. Its touchscreen display allows personalisation and choice of the desired foam bag type and combination. The system can fabricate different bag types, continuous and sequenced, to match varied industrial demands.

  • Swiftly envelops products in custom foam moulds
  • Easy-to-use with minimal operator training
  • Telemetry and bar-coding for precision
  • Compatible with various packaging operations
  • Minimises foam usage for economic benefits
  • User-friendly touchscreen display
  • Tailor foam tube production as needed
  • Suitable for multiple workstations
  • Creates varied foam bag configurations
  • Shields fragile items during shipment

Instant expanding foam bags

  • Ready to use anytime without a machine
  • Protection for fragile shipments
  • Activate chemicals in the bag manually with hands
  • Protects products of almost any size, shape and weight
  • Recommended for high-volume users

Foam Injection Machine

  • Adjustable temperature and liquid flow
  • Singlechip control program
  • Digital LCD