Air Column Bags

Air column bags protect goods during shipping and transportation. It is a precautionary packaging solution to prevent products from slipping, shifting, and moving in their packaging.

Durable and Shockproof Packaging

Our air cushions protect goods and enhance workplace safety. These bags shield various products, such as delicate glasses. Made from PE and Nylon, they are waterproof and supplied uninflated to optimize storage space.

They are also lightweight. Inflation of air column bags can be done either using a machine or manually with a hand pump. The multi-column design of these bags ensures that the product remains protected during transportation, even if one column gets punctured.

The bubble bags provide strong protection against impacts, being waterproof and shockproof for harsh environments. The packaging is user-friendly, requiring minimal training. This boosts efficiency, productivity, and cost savings over time. The air column bags are transparent, providing a visually pleasing appearance.

Safeguard Fragile to Heavy Product

We offer a range of air cushioning with different materials, lengths, and sizes. Our offerings include customisation options and printing services, allowing for a tailored packaging solution that suits specific brands and requirements. Direct purchase is available from our online store.

  • Ideal for fragile glassware and heavy furniture
  • Crafted from tough PE and Nylon
  • Resistant to harsh conditions
  • Starts flat, requires minimal storage
  • Provides a firm layer of defence
  • Easy to use, minimal training required
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Adds minimal weight to packages
  • Machine or manual pump options
  • Multi-column design ensures coverage
  • Different materials, sizes, and printing available
  • Multi-layer extrusion film, stronger protection.
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • Each air column is designed separately.
  • Inflate using an air cushion machine or hand pump.
  • Easy storage and transport: inflate when you need, saving warehousing costs.
  • Able to withstand 60-120kgs after being inflated.
  • Logo print option available

U Type Air Column Bags

The inflatable laptop protective bag is light, durable and strong. The packaging weighs less than a pound and can hold up to 180 pounds. Specially designed air columns protect laptops and reduce damage caused by falls, with 360° protection. Plus, it is water-resistant to protect against rain or puddles.

The laptop cover fits a 14~15 inch laptop and is designed to fit in school bags, backpacks, work cases, travel bags or suitcases. It can also be used as a laptop mailer together with a shipping packaging box.

L and Q Type Air Column Bags

Made of high-quality PA+PE, eco-friendly, durable and good protective performance, semitransparent. The packaging can be used for protecting fragile products (wine bottles), electronic products, computers, television, hard discs, light bulbs, toner cartridges, food, agriculture products, cosmetics, chemical products, clothes, fruits, motors, etc.

Air Column Bags Product Brochure: Download