Inflatable Air Pillow Machine

The inflatable air pillow machine is a practical industrial device designed to efficiently produce air-filled cushions and pillows for packaging fragile items during transit.

Protective Air-Filled Cushions

The machine offers on-demand creation of air-filled cushions, reducing wastage and optimising packaging operations. The lightweight, flexible pillows fill empty spaces within packages and conform to product shapes, preventing movement and potential damage.

On-demand production optimises resources, reducing material waste and maximising packaging efficiency. The machine is a practical addition to packaging operations, ensuring the protection of delicate items during shipping while streamlining the packaging process.

The versatile machine is suitable for e-commerce, retail, logistics, and manufacturing and addresses various packaging needs. The machine provides an environmentally conscious alternative to other packaging recyclable materials and minimises excess packaging methods.

Secure Transit for Fragile Items

The machine can be integrated into both manual and automated packaging systems, providing adaptable solutions for diverse shipping requirements. Our range includes various specifications, customisation options, and printing services, ensuring tailored packaging solutions. Use air pillow machines to ensure dependable shipping that prioritises product safety.

  • Tailor air-filled cushions to fit product shapes perfectly
  • Lightweight and flexible pillows absorb shocks and prevent damage
  • Use various plastic films like polythene and paper for cushion production
  • Seamlessly incorporate machines into packaging systems
  • Reduce expenses with on-demand cushion creation for shipping
  • Reusable and recyclable cushions minimise environmental impact
  • Ideal for industries such as e-commerce, logistics, and manufacturing
  • Choose specifications and printing services for tailored packaging
  • Space-efficient machines provide efficient packaging solutions
  • Fill voids within packages to prevent shifting during shipping

Mini Air Pillow Machine

  • Dimensions (Lx W x H): 405mm x 220mm x 195mm
  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • Voltage: 110-240v
  • Speed: 8 metres per minute

High-Performance Air Pillow Machine

  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Dimensions (Lx W x H): 460mm x 340mm x 470mm
  • Speed: 15 metres per minute
  • Voltage: 110-240v

Industrial Air Cushion Machine

  • Weight:9kgs
  • Power:240w
  • Speed: 25m/min(82 feet)
  • Voltage:220v/110v, 50HZ-60HZ
  • Able to work with overhead hopper, winder or basket
  • Speed, air, and temperature adjustable
  • No belt, minimal  maintenance
  • Ideal for large-scale warehouse
  • One year warranty
  • CE, PSE certified

Mini Air Pillow Machine

  • Compact and small
  • No spare parts needed
  • Speed 8 meters per minute
  • In-built sensor. Stops automatically when the air pillow film is empty.
  • No belt or preheating is required
  • Works with air pillows and bubble wraps
  • Add on options for arm stand and basket, foot pedal, etc

High-Performance Air Pillow Machine

  • Speed of up to 15 meters
  • An external air compressor can be connected
  • No belt needed
  • The machine can produce air pillows, air tubes, air bubbles and bubble mailers
  • Adjustable air volume, temperature and length
  • Easy operation and minimal maintenance
  • CE-certified, quality-guaranteed

Industrial Air Cushion Machine

  • Speed up to 25 meters
  • No belt needed
  • The machine can produce air pillows, air tubes, air bubbles and bubble mailers
  • Adjustable air volume, temperature and length
  • Easy operation and minimal maintenance
  • CE, UL, PSE certified, quality guaranteed

Inflatable Air Pillow Machine Product Brochure: Download