Linear Compact Premade Pouch Machine

Our compact premade pouch machine efficiently packs a range of pre-made pouches, from doypacks with zippers to stand-up bags. Its automated process simplifies pouch opening, filling, and sealing, requiring minimal worker intervention.

Simplify Packaging Processes

Equipped with an adjustable filling device, the packaging machine handles a diverse range of products using volumetric cups and auger fillers, including granules, solids, liquids, and powders. Pouch bags can be easily loaded onto the machine’s device, reducing the need for extensive training or labour.

Designed for optimal space utilization, the compact machine seamlessly integrates into production setups, minimizing the footprint while maximizing output. Its single changeover component allows swift adjustments for different pouch sizes while providing automatic control and temperature adjustments.

Equipped with precision-engineered components, the premade pouch machine ensures consistent and accurate pouch filling and sealing. Its robust construction and reliable operation translate to reduced downtime and increased productivity, meeting high-volume production demands.

Filling and Sealing with Minimal Intervention

The machine is versatile, accommodating various products from powders, liquids, pet food, coffee, beans, and more. It is also compatible with different pouch types, like stand-up pouches with zippers and flat bags for diverse packaging needs.

This machine enhances the packaging process with advanced technology and a user-friendly interface. We offer customization functions and features such as zip open, grip seal, gas flush and vacuum, product settling, data printer/ink printer, and SMC pneumatic to enhance productivity, ensuring efficient filling.

  • Opens, fills, and seals pouches with minimal human intervention
  • Handles granules, liquids, powders, and more using varied mechanisms
  • Simplifies operation reduces training needs
  • Offers gas flush, grip seal, and more for improved results
  • Accommodates various pouch types, including zippers and stand-up bags
  • Easily handles different pouch sizes and shapes
  • Automatic temperature adjustments ensure quality
  • Minimal upkeep required, ensuring seamless operations
  • Handles items like pet food, coffee, and non-food products
  • Optimises packaging, boosting efficiency
  • Speed: 6-18 bags/min
  • Bag Type: 3 Side Seal Bag, Stand Up Bag
  • Bag Size: <100<Width 300mm
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1635 x  510 x 1650mm
  • Power: 220V/50HZ/60HZ/Single Phase 20A
  • Technical Feature: SS304 Machine Frame & Contact Parts
  • Handle Range: Granule, Powder, Liquid, Coffee Bean, Candy, Pet Food etc

Linear Compact Premade Pouch Machine Product Brochure: Download