Tabletop Paper Banding Machine

Tabletop paper banding machines are compact, easy to set up and require minimal maintenance. One feature of the machine is the control panel which enables users to switch between 3 modes – Auto, Manual and Pedal.

Easy Setup and Minimal Maintenance

Operating the paper strapping machine involves introducing a roll of banding material into the system. The strapping material is then cut to the desired length and wrapped around the bundle of papers. The machine seals the band using heat or adhesive, ensuring a neat and secure bundle.

These portable devices securely bundle paper or flat items using strapping bands. With a compact tabletop design, they are ideal for small to medium-scale bundling operations that require manual or semi-automatic banding procedures. Additionally, tabletop paper banding machines are compatible with various product sizes and materials.

Efficient Manual and Semi-Automatic Banding

The paper bundlers come with features like adjustable tension settings for band tightness control, customisable banding speed, and the ability to imprint labels or logos onto the banding material.

By using tabletop paper banding machines, achieve efficient and reliable bundling, enhancing productivity in operations. These banding machines can be used for various applications, including packaging small boxes or bundling brochures and envelopes.

  • Space-efficient setup for small formats
  • Quick and hassle-free installation
  • Control panel with Auto, Manual, and Pedal modes
  • Works with various product sizes and materials
  • Reliable strapping bands for paper items
  • Convenient for on-the-go use
  • Control band tightness for different needs
  • Heat or adhesive ensures tidy bundles
  • Set banding pace to suit operations
  • Add branding to the strapping material
  • Tape Specification (W x TH x L): 29.44mm x 0.1 mm x 190mm
  • Tape Material: Paper/OPP Film
  • Strapping Speed: ≤ 3 seconds
  • Tension: 5 – 40N
  • Package Dimensions: Max: 460 x 200, Min: 30 x 10
  • Machine Dimensions (L x W x H): 630 x 364 x 474
  • Power Supply: 220V 50 Hz/60 Hz; 110V 60 Hz
  • Electrical Power: 80W
  • Net Weight: 32.5 kg
Model SPI 20 SPI 30
Applicable Material OPP film or PP band OPP film or PP band
Material Specification Width: 19.2-19.6mm
Thickness: 120mic
Length: 150meters
Core: 40mm
Width: 29.2-29.6mm
Thickness: 120mic
Length: 150meters
Core: 40mm
Arch Size 460*200mm 460*200mm
Banding Size Min: 30*10mm Max: 460*180mm Min: 30*10mm Max: 460*180mm
Power Supply 220V 50hz 1phase or 110V 60hz 1phase 220V 50hz 1phase or 110V 60hz 1phase
Power Rate 80W 80W
Control System PCB+Key board control panel PCB+Key board control panel
Banding Speed 25 bands/Minute 25 bands/Minute
Banding Tension 5-40N 5-40N
Welding Method Heat Sealing Heat Sealing
NW 32kg 32kg
Machine Dimension L 611 x W 364 x H 475mm L 611 x W 364 x H 475mm

Automatic Banding Machines Brochure: Download