WarmMark Long Run

WarmMark Long Run is a disposable temperature indicator for safeguarding goods during transit and storage. Tracking temperature shifts during transport and storage, the indicator displays prolonged exposure above 10°C or 31°C, with a visible warning.

Temperature Stability Assurance

Designed for reliability, it provides a clear indication of temperature breaches. This cost-effective solution enhances quality control, safeguards product integrity, and is ideal for sensitive goods during transit and storage.

The monitoring indicators are versatile and suitable for various items, from food products to pharmaceuticals. It offers flexibility, covering up to 7 days of monitoring depending on temperature severity, benefiting products with defined stability and expiry features. The white window indicates no compromise, while a progressing red dye signals breaches, halting upon return to acceptable levels.

  • Monitor shifts above 10°C or 31°C during transit and storage
  • Immediate alerts for prolonged temperature exposure
  • Suitable for diverse items, from flowers to pharmaceuticals
  • Flexible for up to 7 days based on temperature severity
  • Visual evidence of compromised temperature conditions
  • Ideal for products with specific temperature requirements
  • Attach directly to products or packaging for convenience
  • Clear breach indication, halting on return to safe levels

WarmMark Product Brochure: Download