WarmMark Duo

WarmMark Duo provides dual-point temperature monitoring. It precisely indicates temperature breaches, enhancing product quality control during transit and storage. Ideal for sensitive items, it ensures integrity and compliance.

Visual Temperature Alerts

The thermal label acts as an ascending time-temperature indicator at two activation temperature points (10°C and 34°C). A white indicator window indicates no temperature issues, while exceeding predetermined temperature limits leads to a gradually red window over time. The colour progression halts when the temperature drops below the threshold, aiding handlers in assessing the extent of temperature exposure.

The packaging labels are evidence of temperature exposure and a reminder for quality inspection. These heat exposure markers are suitable for items with established stability curves and expiry characteristics at specific time-temperature combinations. It provides visual alerts when goods are subjected to excessively high temperatures and can be affixed to products or packaging, providing a clear signal of temperature exposure.

  • Real-time tracking during transit and storage
  • Signals high temperature exposure with clear indicators
  • Disposable, attachable to products or packaging
  • Operates at 10°C and 34°C thresholds
  • Ascending display over exposure time
  • Colour change halts when temperature drops
  • Prompts inspection after temperature events
  • Matches items with specific stability curves
  • Monitors items based on time-temperature data
  • Visible proof of temperature exposure

WarmMark Product Brochure: Download