Tiltwatch XTR

TiltWatch XTR is a single-use tilt indicator that ensures the proper orientation of goods during transit and prevents tipping. It detects excessive overturning, alerting against tilting during transportation/storage.

Maximise Protection and Quality

It is built to endure rugged conditions and accurately records angular deviations, ensuring safe handling. This compact device attaches easily to packages, providing clear evidence of mishandling. With straightforward activation and visual detection, Tiltwatch XTR enhances accountability, promotes secure shipping practices, and safeguards products across the supply chain.

The packaging indicator provides visual alerts when the product tilts beyond 80 degrees Celsius, indicated by a red display. Once attached, avoid tilting the product. Pairing with a companion label and alert sticker can enhance visibility. The tilt sensor can be used for electronics, packaging, equipment, instruments, glass, furniture, and fixtures. For determining the direction and degree of tilt or if a complete overturn has occurred, the TiltWatch Plus is recommended.

  • Ensures product integrity through tamper-proof tilt monitoring
  • Instantly spot excessive tilting with a red indicator display
  • Ideal for electronics, glass, equipment, instruments, and more
  • Normal handling won’t trigger false alerts, ensuring accuracy
  • Attach externally to packages for hassle-free setup
  • Added protection against environmental factors
  • Convenient and effective solution for one-time use
  • Safeguard goods from tipping during shipping and storage
  • Activation Angle: 80° ± 5% from vertical
  • Monitoring Range: Single plane
  • Humidity Tolerance: 5-99% non-condensing
  • Temperature Tolerance: -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)
  • Composition: Rigid polystyrene housing with stainless steel indicator
  • Arming: Arms coincident with the removal of adhesive liner
  • Dimensions (W x L x D): 2.9” x 2.7” 0.2” (73.66 mm x 68.58 mm 5.08 mm)
  • Installation: Pressure-sensitive adhesive and/or holes to accommodate small screws, nails, or staples for rough wood surfaces.
  • Customisation: Private logos are available on orders above 3500 units.
  • Adhesive Shelf Life: 2 years

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